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Personalised Service

We work directly with borrowers to understand their financial situation and goals, and can provide personalized service that is tailored to their specific needs. We also help borrowers address any concerns or issues that may arise during the loan application process, and can provide ongoing support throughout the life of the loan.

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Experienced Team

Being experts in the mortgage loan industry, we provide valuable guidance to our clients throughout their loan application process. We help borrowers understand the different types of loans available, explain the fees and charges associated with each loan, and advise on how to navigate the application process.

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Simplified Process

By handling the majority of the administrative tasks involved in obtaining a mortgage loan, we've created a simplified application process for our clients.

From checking through essential documents to communicating with lenders, we remove time-consuming and complex tasks for our clients, thus creating a hassle free journey.


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We understand that selecting the right loan for your Singapore residential property purchase can be overwhelming. Our team of mortgage experts provides personalized guidance and advice to help you make informed decisions that can improve your wealth position. Let us help you navigate the complex world of property loans and find the ideal package for your specific situation.

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Residential Property Home Loan
Commercial & Industrial Loan Icon (white).png

Loan-to-value (LTV) is a critical factor to consider when selecting a loan for commercial and industrial property purchases. At Loan Experts, we understand that LTV requirements vary for different types of companies. That's why we specialize in helping clients from Investment Holding Companies to Private Limited Companies find the ideal loan that fits their specific LTV and portfolio needs.

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Commercial & Industrial Property Loan
Car Loan Icon (white).png

If you're concerned about how your car loan is affecting your Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR), our team at Loan Experts can help. Refinancing your existing car loan can be a simple way to improve your TDSR. We specialize in providing personalized guidance to help our clients find the best refinancing options that can improve their TDSR and overall financial position.

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Car Loan


Lucas my daughter and I would like to thank you for your good and sound professional advice and excellent service.

We were very concerned about the high interest rates that kept increasing on our housing loans.

We wanted to refinance our loan and we were not sure how and what was the best way.

You answered all my questions promptly enabling us to make the right decisions.

You also helped us to secure very good interest rates with the bank.

Thank you once again for unconditionally helping us =D

We are thankful to Lucas for his great help.

- Mimi

Lucas is very efficient to provide the best package to suit my needs. Recommend everyone who wants to take on mortgage.

- Kenny

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